How to use

Attention when I watch a fluorescence reaction

When you light up the fluorescence thing with a black light, please go at a place dark as possible.
Visible light reflects it and becomes hard to show a fluorescence reaction when I observe it in a bright place.

How to use in industry

As for the LED black light handling in us, a power supply irradiates 100% of output immediately. There is not the need of the warm-up like a conventional black light. I recommend the Hygrangea series to the inspection that the correct output needs. I recommend the cannonball-shaped series to simple inspection.


As a black light of Non Destructive Inspection such as the metal parts of the plane

Check of the electronic board

For the confirmation of the residual check and alien substance of the flux of the electronic board

Leak check

As a black light of the Rick check confirmation such as an air-conditioner, the pipe

In addition, it is available in ultraviolet rays hardening resin. The ultraviolet rays hardening resin varies in the wavelength that is easy to be made up by an ingredient. Because you have the wavelength to 365nm – 405nm, please use the wavelength that resin using had.

How to use in judgment

The fluorescence in the research field

For the fluorescence reaction in the laboratory

Check of the forged prevention ink of the paper money

For confirmation of forgery prevention ink printed on paper money

Forged prevention mark of the credit card

For the forged prevention mark confirmation of the credit card

Check cords in the company

For confirmation of the ink which I cannot easily watch

For the confirmation such as a mineral, the jewel

For fluorescence confirmation such as a diamond, ruby, the uranium glass


How to use in llife and hobby

Checks such as dust or the dirt

For confirmation such as color waste or the urinary spray of water


for hosphorescent lure and phosphorescent band